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NYC Graphic Design Studio

Lotus Health and Wellness Campaign

Worksight designed the logo, brochure, and website for a new Harlem-based health center. Check the site out at

Satiim Land Rights

Worksight poster design for an organization in Belize helping indigenous tribes retain their land rights.

Gravestone Design

While a grad student at Cranbrook Academy of Art, which is just outside of Detroit, I was asked by an art gallery client to design her dad’s gravestone who had died six months earlier. The project included roughs, changes, and refinements, just as a standard job would. But during the final placing of the stone, there were tears and statements by the family, which was quite overwhelming for me as a young designer. Yet, I still cherish the opportunity I had back then to work on something of this nature.

Pace University

An apple is a very popular image and has operated as a sign to represent knowledge (think Adam and Eve’s forbidden fruit), as well as to symbolize elementary education as in “an apple for the teacher,” and also as a sign of health as in “an apple a day.” Here, Worksight used the apple as a kind of piled-on-pride of successes for a Pace University’s School of Education brochure.

From Cave to Code

My young son once asked, ‘Why are we here?’, writes Scott W. Santoro. When the question was flipped back to him, ‘Why do you think we are here, Ellis?’, he responded, ‘To learn stuff!’

Ellis was right. If for no other reason, we’re here to learn stuff, and graphic design makes it easy. Our field is so rife with varied subjects that we can’t help ourselves – it is almost forced upon us.

When Pearson Education asked me to produce a graphic design textbook five years ago, I went through everything I know about the subject, and learned a lot more in the process.

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Coney Island

Proud to see a brochure we designed for Gilbert Paper presented in a glass case alongside other memorabilia on a recent visit to the Coney Island Freak Show. The piece documents the history and current state of the island in all its continuous glory and was used by Gilbert to promote their tactile, textured commercial papers.

Great Jones Street Firehouse

A typical weekend scene while living next to a firehouse (on Great Jones Street) practicing and having fun—and not necessarily in that order. These firemen go out on runs approximately 20 times a day, most of which are false alarms, and never seem to complain.