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logo design NYC

Bousum Transfer Visual Identity

Bousum Transfer is a waste management company that operates in the transportation/trucking/railroad industry. The visual identity has a tough aesthetic and color that articulates the transfer of hazardous material.

Law Firm Visual Identity

Visual identity for a law firm that meets the aesthetic of their previously designed website including typeface, color, and geometries. The goal was to find an idea that was reserved but also unique.

Healthy Heart Series Icon Redraw

Healthy Heart Series is an organization that educates people (predominantly women) about heart mortality rates and the complications that lead to cardiac arrests. Their goal is to reduce the disparities in heart disease among various groups through education, outreach, prevention, and intervention.

BJTBronx Street Banner

BJTBronx street banner created for this proud commercial district that Worksight designed the identity for—see the full campaign.

NYC Rapper T-shirt Design

Every so often there’s a request from a rap artist for a logo, cover or t-shirt. They usually have their own idea in mind, which is understandable and totally fine. This shirt was designed for Angel in Hell.

Dentistry Logo Design

This prosthodontist office is planning on expanding to more cities, which explains the embedded P shape inside the circle set. The repeat of the center circle at the end of the name is to confirm that prosthodontists are at the core of serious dental work.

Logo Design for NYC Startup

Logo design for JAMM Innovations, a startup that organizes gaming events. The idea uses a “play button” arrow between the A and M to bring energy to this colorful design.

Clutter Cure Logo Design

Logo for a startup business in Texas that helps folks pack, clean, and otherwise organize their stuff. The coordinates of the project were to interpret the process of de-cluttering, their location (Texas—the lone star state), and to somehow reference a magic wand :-).

Presidential Campaign Logo

Visual identity project for Innocent, a candidate running for the presidency of Gabon in Central Africa. The mark at the right of the name is the map of the country and the year, which can split off and be used on buttons, etc.

Write to Shine Non-Profit Logo Design

Logo design by Worksight for an educational startup helping middle and high school students learn to express themselves through writing.