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Design Reviewer

Made it to the top row, third from the left as part of Bejing’s VO/Art Union portfolio review program for design students throughout China.

Type Director’s Club Lecture

Lecture: Graphic Design Is…

A selfie shot during a lecture on graphic design featuring Pratt student work—presented live to design students in Beijing and Shanghai, China; with Xiaoren Liu (Catherine) per ANO Art China, and their subsidiary, Sphinx.

From Cave to Code

My young son once asked, ‘Why are we here?’, writes Scott W. Santoro. When the question was flipped back to him, ‘Why do you think we are here, Ellis?’, he responded, ‘To learn stuff!’ Ellis was right. If for no other reason, we’re here to learn stuff, and graphic design makes it easy. Our field is so  Continue Reading »

Guide to Graphic Design

A 360-page textbook written and designed by Scott W. Santoro over the course of five years. The book published by Pearson Education is translated into Chinese and Arabic. The last word in the book is, “whew.”See a website created about the content.