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Healthy Heart Series Icon Redraw

Healthy Heart Series is an organization that educates people (predominantly women) about heart mortality rates and the complications that lead to cardiac arrests. Their goal is to reduce the disparities in heart disease among various groups through education, outreach, prevention, and intervention. healthyheartseries.org/

Mount Sinai Hospital Wall Graphic

Vinyl installation for a Mount Sinai Hospital wall graphic. The phrase that masks photos of medical students repeats in the horizontal cyan bar. See the full campaign for Mount Sinai.

BJTBronx Street Banner

BJTBronx street banner created for this proud commercial district that Worksight designed the identity for—see the full campaign.

NYC Rapper T-shirt Design

Every so often there’s a request from a rap artist for a logo, cover or t-shirt. They usually have their own idea in mind, which is understandable and totally fine. This shirt was designed for Angel in Hell.

Interactive Form Design

One of 32 form designs for Mount Sinai hospital that can be filled out and signed in Adobe Acrobat. Each question, button, and signature is set to tab through by the patient and either printed out or emailed back. Light blue boxes only appear on-screen to indicate live areas.

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