Book Jackets with full Interior design
The Houses of Philip Johnson: Abbeville Press
Divine Wind: The History and Science of Hurricanes: Oxford Univ. Press
Modern Architecture and Other Essays—Scully: Princeton Univ. Press
The Sea Around Us—Rachel Carson: Oxford Univ. Press
Animal Anatomy for Artists: Oxford Univ. Press
America the Beautiful: PublicAffairs
Maine Living: Gibbs Smith Publishers
Becoming A Teacher: Routledge
Joseph Beuys: Abbeville Press
ArtSpeak, ArtSpoke, AntiqueSpeak, PhotoSpeak: series: Abbeville Press
The Art of Light and Space: Abbeville Press
Blue Guitar: Chronicle Books
Fifth Avenue: The Best Address: Rizzoli
In Julia’s Kitchen + Cooking with Master Chefs: Interiors design only: Knopf
Unbuilding: Salvaging Architectural Treasures...: The Taunton Press
Framing a House: The Taunton Press